Instructions for Installation and Operation of APSY on a spectrometer operated with XWINNMR 3.5

1. Download the algorithm GAPRO and store it at a location of your choice on the computer that operates the spectrometer.
2. Download the au-program "apsy", which manages the APSY-Experiments and store it in /opt/xwinnmr/exp/stan/nmr/au/src. Using a text editor, define the location of the GAPRO algorithm in line 16 of the au-programm. Define your operating system in line 18 of the au-program. Define your preferred text editor in line 20. Start XWINNMR / Topspin and compile the au-program.
3. Use an APSY pulse sequence and set up the experiment (pulses, power levels, etc.). Always work at the largest experiment number that is used in your dataset, since with the start of apsy, a series of data sets will be created with experiment numbers larger than one in which you start the apsy-experiment. Once you have set up all parameters, start the experiment by calling the au-program "apsy". You will be asked certain things and then the measurement is started.
4. Please report any bugs or unclearnesses so that we can improve the software. Thank you.